Drowning in meetings? Five resources for you! 🛟

Meghan ✭✭✭
edited November 2022 in Collaboration & Facilitation

Anyone looking for a life raft? It sure can feel like we’re swimming in meetings! 🏊

At MURAL, we’re constantly thinking about ways to help one another connect, but more importantly, what it means to remain productive even when we’re apart.

Here's a handy list of resources  to help you stay afloat! 


How do you stay in sync with async work?

Webinar with Anique Drumright, VP of Loom

How distributed teams spark creativity

Webinar with Sabrina Goerlich

MURAL Learning: Designing asynchronous experiences

A quick lesson in async work from our team!

Gotta brainstorm?

This MURAL template can help you connect with teammates from anywhere around the world.

How to change your teams approach to meetings

A free ebook and strategies to help you and your team stay connected

How has async work impacted your team? What aspects do you like, or what do you still struggle with? Sound off in the comments! 🗣️