💡Feature Idea: Display dates in the user's locale format, not just the US specific format

siliconglen MCN
edited May 2022 in Feature Ideas

There's one country in the world that uses the mm/dd/yyyy format and the rest of us really don't.

Here's a history of software localisation from the 1970s onwards https://www.translationroyale.com/history-of-it-localization/

Surprised this is a thing for software designed to run on the global web.

04/08/2022 is the 4th of August to most of the world. Please don't fix the dates in a hard coded format used by just one country!

Date format by country with the US out on its own in red.

Problem seen on the dashboard of when users last logged in.



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  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    @siliconglen- Community Manager/fellow Muralista, here! I'm working on this one to confirm if it is an option. If not, stay tuned and continue to garner votes and feedback on this potential feature request!

  • Any update?