Could i know the hexcode for the Arsenic Black background color please ?


the code #3B444B which is referred over the internet as the Arsenic Black does not seem to be the actual hexcode used for the background color named "Arsenic Black" in Mural.

How may I get the actual hex code please ?

Thank you

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  • FrEMMorisseau
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    Hi @MeghanatMURAL , thank you for your answer,

    I used Paint to get the RGB code of the colour named Arsenic Black for the background in Mural.

    According to this tool, RGB = 66 66 66, and I find this code suitable for my eyes so I will keep it :)

    The 2 hex codes you suggest do not seem to be the color used in the background, the hex code for rgb 66 66 66 is #424242 according to a search I just did.

    Have a nice day :)