Approaches for creating templates in Illustrator?

I would like to create some branded templates in Illustrator (imagine custom grids, illustrations and branding) and then simply copy and paste the elements into Mural and then lock them down. I'm struggling to get the sizing correct. I created a 9216x6237 artboard based on the default settings in Mural but when I tried to pull everything into a mural board it came in way too small. Has anybody figured out a good/easy way to design an entire Mural board in Illustrator and then bring all the elements into Mural as a template, preferably in as few steps as possible? Thx.


  • Hi Layne,

    If you are working with a vector file from adobe AI you can stretch this file infinitely, so I would advise that you save your work as a vector (.ai file) if you're not doing so already. If you find that when you paste it in, it's smaller/larger than what you'd hoped it would be- As long as the proportions are correct, stretching the vector file will not compromise quality!

    Do let me know if this helps,