Memory Wall template for team building

Every human being likes to be acknowledged. To appreciate contributions, celebrate accomplishments, and build camaraderie among team members, a Memory Wall works wonders. 

In this game, players take 10–15 minutes to write down positive, stand-out memories of working together, learning from each other, or participating in some way in organizational life. Then they draw or use pictures/icons/gifs to visually represent each memory. 

The Memory Wall isn’t a game of strategy or competition, but of appreciation. The only rule is that players should recall and draw memories that build people up rather than taking them down. And there is a general guideline about drawing the memory scenes: players should be encouraged to draw and doodle with abandon. This is a game for chicken scratch and rudimentary visual language so the images are there to illustrate the scenes and to provide good-natured humor.

Source: Dave Gray,