May 09 Web Release: Infinite canvas, custom exporting, add videos to the outline, and more!

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Collaborate with unlimited space, export custom selections of content, add videos to the outline, and more!

👉 See what's new with MURAL below or learn more on our blog!

New Features

💥 Create, connect, and collaborate freely with MURAL’s new infinite canvas option

When creating new murals or templates, you now have the option to create them on an infinite canvas without borders or size limits. With unlimited space, teams can feel empowered to unlock their genius and deliver business-driving outcomes in MURAL. Learn more.

⏬ Export custom selections of content from your murals

Have more flexibility and control when exporting content from MURAL. Now, clicking export opens up a new side panel where you can easily select only the portions of your mural you need to share with collaborators, and export them directly from your browser window as a PDF or PNG. We’ve also added a new keyboard shortcut for exporting; control + E for Windows and command + E for Mac. Learn more.

📹 Provide context to your collaborators by adding video explanations to the outline

Instead of writing lengthy explanations in sticky notes, text, and comments, you’ll be able to easily pass on context and instructions to your collaborators in a mural asynchronously by adding YouTube videos to steps in the outline. Get on the same page without the need to be all together at the same time. Learn more.

🏆 MURAL achieves ISO 27001 certification

This certification is a testament to our proven commitment to the highest level of information security management. Read our press release for more details. Learn more.


🔐 Select and edit locked objects with inclusive selection enhancements

Now, facilitators can easily move, duplicate, copy, or change text styling once they select locked objects. Pro tip: anyone can select multiple locked objects at once to delete or unlock specific groups of objects instead of unlocking manually with the inclusive selection shortcut; (control + shift for Windows and command + shift for Mac). Learn more.

📁 Improve data security with enhancements to file type restrictions

Limit the exfiltration of sensitive data stored in MURAL by restricting guest and visitor downloads by extension type and blocking member uploads to other companies’ MURAL workspaces by extension type. 

This feature is an enhancement to our existing file type restrictions capabilities which allow you to manage which file types can or cannot be uploaded to your company’s murals. Learn more. Available for Enterprise plans only.

👥 Add security and decrease administrative burden with custom guest deactivation periods

Gain greater control around your collaboration with guests with the ability to customize when guests are deactivated in MURAL. Learn more. This feature is an enhancement to the existing experience where, by default, a guest will be deactivated after 14 days of inactivity and will lose access to the content they've been invited to collaborate on. Available for Enterprise and Business plans only.

📊 Expand programmatic and self-serve access to reports with filtering

Administrators can leverage filters to parse and scope their company data from MURAL via the MURAL Reporting API, supporting account management and compliance initiatives. Available for Enterprise plans only.

📚 Level up your visual collaboration and facilitation skills

Achieve incredible outcomes in MURAL with self-guided access to all the content you need to jumpstart innovation with our enhanced in-app Learning tab. This includes a new browsing experience with product how-to and best practices videos that will make you and your team more productive. 

New templates

📝 Brainstorm and organize ideas for a research paper

Use this research paper outline template as a space for planning, collaborating, and connecting ideas that you can revisit throughout the long process of writing an academic paper or essay.