💡Feature Idea: Can we have text box formatting feature parity with Miro, please?

CoachKidd StrategistMember
edited May 10 in Feature Ideas

I miss that I can't create bulleted text (lists) like I can in Miro. This one feature alone stops me from migrating some elaborate illustrations from Miro to Mural.

Other text formatting includes:

  • Font size declaration (+/- isn't enough)
  • Text highlight
  • Copy style

Happy to chat about any of this.

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  • austin
    austin Executive Member

    not sure how I vote this up, but I was having a similar feature request in my head earlier today, specifically around bulleted lists.

  • Linds
    Linds Community Manager Community Manager admin

    I took the liberty of adding a vote on your idea @CoachKidd 🤗 - now we can truly gauge the interest around this!

    @austin Please feel free to add your vote - and thanks for already adding your thoughts!

  • leahbateman
    leahbateman Learning Development Member

    It would be great to add an option for bullets in text boxes

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