💡Feature Idea: Can we have text box formatting feature parity with Miro, please?

CoachKidd StrategistMCN ✭✭
edited May 2021 in Feature Ideas

I miss that I can't create bulleted text (lists) like I can in Miro. This one feature alone stops me from migrating some elaborate illustrations from Miro to Mural.

Other text formatting includes:

  • Font size declaration (+/- isn't enough)
  • Text highlight
  • Copy style

Happy to chat about any of this.

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  • Linds
    Linds Choose One MURAL Alum ✭✭✭

    I took the liberty of adding a vote on your idea @CoachKidd 🤗 - now we can truly gauge the interest around this!

    @austin Please feel free to add your vote - and thanks for already adding your thoughts!

  • leahbateman
    leahbateman Learning Development

    It would be great to add an option for bullets in text boxes

  • lorna182
    lorna182 Writer Editor ✭✭

    Being able to see the actual font size number would be helpful

    the bullets in text book would be FAB! I currently have to add them as assets and make them sit next to the sentence - frustrating!

  • JessieShternshus
    JessieShternshus Trainer Coach MCN

    I would love this as well as a grid in the background.

  • CoachKidd
    CoachKidd Strategist MCN ✭✭

    Bump ... Does anyone else think that these features would be a valuable investment of development effort? ... Let's make a great product even better! ... 🤓👍️

  • Linds
    Linds Choose One MURAL Alum ✭✭✭

    Yes! ✨ Everyone: please keep voting to show your support and needs!

    In the meantime we will ask our PM team what they think of your idea @CoachKidd .

  • nadiar
    nadiar Product Manager Product Owner MURAL Team mod

    @CoachKidd Bullets on text boxes are coming really soon!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! Will send you an email to talk about them a bit further

  • CoachKidd
    CoachKidd Strategist MCN ✭✭

    That's great new @nadiar ... As you'll see from my LinkedIn profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachkidd/), I work a lot with product folks, and so I'd be happy to talk about these features... and how I use them in my work.

  • Agus
    Agus Chief Product Officer MURAL Team mod

    Bullets and numbered lists are now available in Text boxes 🎉

  • Linds
    Linds Choose One MURAL Alum ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the update @Agus ! 🎉 We're celebrating this win over here!

    We'll leave this thread open since the original idea mentions:

    • Font size declaration (+/- isn't enough)
    • Text highlight
    • Copy style

    as well!

    Keep voting, friends! We love to hear your use cases! 👋

  • CoachKidd
    CoachKidd Strategist MCN ✭✭

    @Agus ... Thanks for the update, regarding bulleted lists ... Great work!

    I've just done a parity check with Miro, and unless I'm mistaken, Miro still allows me to indent my lists, allowing me to nest my bullets. Whereas in Mural I can only work with the root level.

    I've attached a screenshot of what I mean.

    It's not a show-stopper, as I can still 'fudge' nested bullet using characters, but it's not ideal.

  • Amanda
    Amanda Community Professional admin
    edited October 2021

    @CoachKidd, thank you for the feedback! Yes, the current iteration is for one level of bulleted and numbered lists. The team will keep iterating on the feature, and multiple indentations will be considered in future releases.

    If you are interested in offering feedback for our Product features, please keep an eye out on the tag "Open MURAL Research". There is one opportunity up right now, but our product managers and researchers post opportunities on a fairly regular basis.

    Thanks again, for this great question.