💡Feature Idea: X-hover to magnify top element and not the underlying image

edited May 2022 in Feature Ideas

X-hovering a sticky note over a background image magnifies the image, not the sticky note. No matter where you hover over the sticky note with the mouse while pressing the X key. I would love to see Mural always magnifying the top element on the board.

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  • Hi Ralf, I am having this issue too, though I believe that this has only started happening fairly recently (either that or I've only just noticed it..! I'm sure this function always used to work provided the sticky notes were on the top 'layer' so to speak). I raised it via the online chat with customer support along with a screen recording to demonstrate the issue this afternoon but it's interesting to see I'm not the only user having trouble with this. Fingers crossed it will be resolved soon!

  • Hi! I initially raised it as a bug via the chat but was asked to add it as a feature idea here instead. It appears to be a new behavior to me too but I cannot pin it on a date.