💡Feature Idea: Import PDF Files to Size Based on Zoom

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Often collaborating on maps or drawings from PDF files. These allow for zooming in and out with degrading the resolution of the image. When importing into Mural it will only import at the standard 100% to certain size on the Mural. So when zoom in and out or resizing in Mural the resolution degrades making it not useful. Ideally it would be good to import to size and zoom specifics when importing the PDF to fit the Mural accordingly. This would work very well for collaborating on this work.

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  • Absolutatly you are right. But for me, I often crop the PDF that I want to import to my Mural, remove the white edges of some PDF pages, unnecessary content, etc. to make its size more suitable. This also doesn‘t result in reduced resolution. I don't know if you’d like to try my method, it's the crop tool I used without any cost.