How to translate a Product Owner's vision

In the agile world, the PO runs point on the product vision and the roadmap. She/He would be the key person to translate the product vision into a tangible increment. How can we translate this exercise into a fun workshop idea? By using my PIZZA VISION template!

Pizza vision:

Like any product, imagine you own a pizza parlor. Your pizza parlor has a theme for the type of food it would sell to its customers (or end users / stakeholders). Sometimes, the customer isn't aware of what you can offer but has an idea of what they for sure won't eat. 

You as a product owner have a vision of what you can offer to a customer that's coming in from out of town. Based on the theme of your Pizza Parlor, go ahead and decorate your IDEAL plate with the food your parlor can offer. Feel free to add more items. 

Plates can represent features that the PO decided to prioritize above others. It shows the limitations of their items, but also the strengths of their product. By getting feedback from the customer (played by the facilitator), they can get input on what a customer is looking for.

I've already created a workshop for POs, the Pizza Vision exercise can be found in this Mural:

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