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For reasons of both preference and easier sharing across to Microsoft Office... I would love to see a dark mode conversion. Most, if not all, of my applications now are working in dark mode. While having dark mode isn't required, it's a really nice to have. Also, when sharing mural content into non-mural spaces (like Powerpoint) I have to switch the color schemes very manually (our powerpoint standard is now a dark scheme rather than a light scheme). I'd love a way to invert the colors in a mural or an area to better support that kind of sharing.

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  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @DanielWade- this idea hasn't taken off just yet, but I'm a big fan of Dark Mode on most applications.

    I found an old thread where a few other members were interested: @jackdong @d9tech- if still interested, could we get your support + upvote?

  • Would love to see this. As is, Mural burns my retina😎. I tossed in an upvote.

  • Same reasons for wanting this as Daniel. Dark mode makes life a lot easier for both sighted people and those with impairments, both visual impairments and medical reasons related to migraines and eye strain. This should also fall in the accessibility category.

  • Please consider! It's a common feature.

  • A must have as used for all applications among the developers

  • Bump and +1

  • At this point, Mural is the oddball out of several apps, and is visually shocking to change to. Dark Mode is common, it's pretty much CSS, and as many are clearly aware of, it's common in the industry. I would imagine many of us work from home and don't have several thousand lumens of lighting overhead. It seems like quite a simple decision to make, especially almost a year into having been asked.

  • yes please

    I use Dark Reader on Chrome & Firefox to force dark mode on all apps, but it doesn't work for Mural (for good reason - Mural is complex and probably deserves its own dark mode)

    in addition to helping with migraines & eyestrain, for me, dark mode helps me manage visual stimulation levels and keeps me calmer

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    As of Mar. 14, 2023 Dark Mode is on our radar and in consideration by Mural Product Team. 💥 Stay tuned, as all feature releases are documented via the Product Updates page.