"Code of Conduct" template for creating group agreements

This game has been designed to set up a healthy temporary culture among a group of people for a specific period of time, to build trust in that designated container. In the center are the words “Meaningful” and “Pleasant.” Ask everybody in the group to shout out and/or write down on individual sticky notes what they believe to be necessary to make sure this meeting or workshop will be both meaningful and pleasant. These are the consensual values within the group for the purposes of this session or meeting.

Now go back to each value (you may want to affinity cluster them first) and ask the participants how to make sure they will be carried out during the meeting or workshop. These are the actions your group will take to make those values embodied or enacted.

End the game by pointing out that this code of conduct needs to be upheld by everyone. This is your new working agreement.

Source: This post was originally authored by Jonan Tré on Gamestorming.com. The origin of the game is unknown.

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