💡Feature Idea: Make comments stay with the object they were made on

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When someone adds a comment to an object like a sticky note by right-clicking on it, the comment indicator (the "1" in a circle) initially appears over the object, but then either the comment indicator or the underlying object can be easily moved and detached from the comment indicator, and it's unclear what object the comment was referring to. This happens all too often.

I sometimes work around this by grouping the comment indicator and the object together, but I can't do this quickly enough live when many people are active in the board. Also, it shouldn't be necessary to have to do this.

Comments should always stick with the object they were made on, and the comment indicator should be positioned so that it doesn't obscure the text on the object - see related idea: https://community.mural.co/discussion/1237/comments-on-a-sticky-prevent-comments-indicator-from-covering-up-the-sticky-note-text/

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  • The current behavior is really messing me up with a board I'm working on. I need to move a few objects around, which have some threaded comments in them. Other team members might move objects around as well and if they do that without a lot of care for moving comments along with the objects, the discussion is going to be lost since it will be impossible to know what object the comment thread is about.

  • I would add that the Comment count needs to go past 1 or 2. The number only count to one if there is a comment and two if there is a comment and a reply. This may be more of a bug than a feature but it would be great if the comment count could accurately display the number of comments on an object.

  • pcbfid
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    This behavior is weird in that sometimes it DOES follow, but not always. I have noticed in particular that having stickies in a grid area messes this up. When stickies are added, removed or rearranged inside the grid area, comments do not follow.

    Trying to use the solution suggested above by grouping stickies with their comments causes another problem - for some reason this automatically sends the group to the back layer, making it disappear behind the board it is on. REALLY annoying to have to move them off the board, group them, bring to front, and then pull them back onto the board.

  • ColinQ
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    I'm new to mural and just messaged support about this because I have the same issue and it kind of makes the comments redundant. Comments for stickies don't stay with the sticky even when grouped and i'll review the canvas only to find all the comments have shifted to some random location way off to the side and i've to work out which sticky they relate to and move them back, only for them to have wandered off again on the next review.

    To me it's more of a bug fix than a feature request. Groped objects shouldn't have some elements just wander off

  • I have trouble understanding why this is not default behavior. As it is, comments kind of assume that objects will not be moved around, which is one of the main use cases of a whiteboarding app.

    Please keep comments with objects, or at least make it easy for us to return the comments position to the target object - as in with a "gather" command.