Default Move Mode entry

my default entry into any board is now Edit Mode - could it be made Move Mode (which I otherwise achieve by clicking the little hand in the bottom right corner, next to the overall navigation map)

right now, any time I enter, the hand is not highlighted, i.e. I'm in Edit Mode, which can be bad if I edit stuff by accident. In Move Mode, I only can navigate on board, but not edit - then, if I do want to edit the board, I'd switch the mode

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  • Would be nice to set at a profile level or a preference on a Mural itself - so either all Mural's I open, open by default in Move mode, or set that preference on a Mural, so that when anyone opens it, it opens by default in Move mode

  • I would also like the default setting for all Murals to be 'Move Mode' (or better still, 'View Mode') not 'Edit Mode' (or for the default to be set at the Workspace/Room/Mural settings level as mentioned in the comment above).

    We often find when new starters get access to our Murals for the first time and are not familiar with Mural, they often accidentally move stuff and mess up the Mural.

    It would make much more sense for Murals to default to View mode, and only go into Edit mode when someone wishes to make a change, as is the case for most other apps.