Listening in Community: Quick Chats and Community Hour with Meghan!

Meghan ✭✭✭
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Hello! Meghan, MURAL Community Manager, here! As part of MURAL May Member Month, my goal is to get to know as many members as I can!

One of the most important things to me is (1) understanding your biggest needs and pain points in this space and (2) supporting you where I can.

I've created two options for flexibility but so you control how you choose to meet with me!

1️⃣ Community Connection 1x1 (15 minutes)

There are 1x1 fifteen minute syncs for those who prefer to meet solo with me and at their specifically chosen time.

Schedule your Community Connection 1x1 here!

2️⃣ Community Connection (50 Minutes)

📍*Note: there's a May AND June option, so feel free to sign up for either.

For those who prefer to meet in a small group, I'm offering two separate times to meet on a larger, group basis, where I'll also prepare notes on future plans for the Community!

Confirm attendance to group — here! (will be Zoom sign up link)

I'm so looking forward to connecting at one of the sessions above!

See you soon! 😊 -Meghan


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    @Christina- I mentioned this earlier in the month during our chat- feel free to schedule time or sign up for the group session- would love to see you there!

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭

    @MeghanatMURAL This is a wonderful offer, thank you very much! I have just taken you up on it, and would be happy to participate in a group session too, but since I am on the other side of the planet, I thought that might be tricky for others.

    The proposed topic of discussion from me is a shameless request:

    As someone who is watching, in real time, the dramatic decline in the ability and/or desire to process long texts in my university students, one Mural application that could be put to especially potent use in class, and perhaps on the job, would be as a place to create infographic posters out of long (i.e. over 1 page) texts.

    The trouble is - I don't know how! I just started experimenting with this and see that, while they can throw up some stickies and images, the final results are not...beautiful, and that is what a mural should be, in my opinion: visually appealing, enough that your chosen public will want to look at it, and be able to take away key findings at a glance (i.e. without having to zoom in and out much, which, in reality, they do not like to do).

    While there are programs already out there to create infographics, since my peeps use your product so much in class, it would be great if Mural could help me teach myself how to build a powerful infographic so I can teach my students. Or suggest a good website (with a free education version) to work with for that.

    Over tha last years we have gone, culturally speaking, from reading books to skimming articles to sending smart-phone messages of a couple of lines, some of which include emogees replacing words. Research shows our ability to focus for long periods is taking a nose dive. One article of many that really explains this well is: . Highly recommended!

    The fact that our collective attention spans are declining means that being able to get one's message across FAST is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Being able to apply the aesthetic and other secrets of a good infographic based on a text is therefore a core skill I'd like to be able to build in my students.

    If others in the Community have thoughts on this, and/or if Mural would like to help us build this new skill set, I'd be very grateful!

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭
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    I hear you, @Christina! In prep for our call, I'll see if there are any solutions/roadmap integrations I can recommend.

    In addition, thank you for calling to my attention that the times could use a little adjusting 😉 I've added a few additional 50 minute dates for those who may want to attend in your time zone! You're seven hours ahead of me (in US/Texas), so I've committed to memory moving forward.

    In photo: "Work times in Alemania" with times reflected between our time zones

  • @Christina I'm sure we find some people on the same side of the planet ;-).

    Would great to see, what you did since our last chat! I also did some smaller and bigger improvements.

    To give you a small glimpse, you find here a summary video of a hackathon I hosted in our studio. The big thing here is, that my colleague and I were moderators and operators of the studio. So for what you see there no tech team behind the camera is needed :-)

    @Meghan I could imagine the launchlabs could be a great place to host a mural community event for European people as well.

    The Video is in german, but I'm sure you get a good impression.