How can I create Tangram Puzzles and Pentomino Puzzles in Mural?

Jorge MCN ✭✭
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  • Jorge
    Jorge MCN ✭✭

    If you see in the image, the scrambled pieces imported from PowerPoint, there is a square shape that makes them overlap whey trying to assemble them and form the big square (on top right).

  • Hi @Jorge this is such a fun concept. You can use the shapes within the app to create some of these tangram shapes. To rotate shapes, you can use the "handles" at the side of each shape. I'll share a video with you for more info.

  • marktippin
    marktippin Mural Team mod

    Also - realize that we didn't address the Pentomino puzzle question, but I think it will be clear from my example about the trapezoid being built up from smaller shapes - that you can see how grouping and coloring squares together will get you any combination you'd need 😀

  • Mogg
    Mogg MCN

    Hey @Jorge!

    I am adding my little contribution here to what @marktippin and @hailey have already shared. Here you have a board with Tangram pieces imported in SVG format from Illustrator with the automatic tool "Image trace" (I used the image you had uploaded as an example).

    Please take a look at it and, please, use it if you like it. I think the main drawback in making Tangrams is that one can accidentally change the size of the pieces. But hey, maybe a new feature could be implemented by MURAL developers like being "lock-resize" - wink to @marktippin 😁

    Cool challenge!