Is there a way to delete text from multiple notes at the same time?

I'm currently going through one at a time and deleting text. Is there a way to delete text only from a group of stickys while keeping the blank notes on the mural?

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  • Meghan
    Meghan admin
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    Hi @PeterS1985! This isn't currently a feature, as text cannot be deleted unless the text is selected within the individual sticky. Currently, it isn't possible to select text from different elements to edit/remove them at the same time.

    As always, we're open to this as a feature idea if you'd like to submit it there for votes + potential passing to the Product Team. Maybe "delete text" could be added to the menu when right click is done after selecting multiple stickies?


  • MJB

    @Meghan did this land in a feature idea somewhere or even if already implemented?
    I have a Mural that I want to re-use. Just need to delete the content of the stickies…