Template with visible thumbnail but all blank when I open it

ErikCollard ✭
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Hello there 😊

Earlier today I made a template and it's indeed visible in our company templates :

However when I click it, I have nothing but a blank canvas (right size though) :

And the strange part is that if I click "Create mural from template", it perfectly works.

Any of you ever had the same issue before, and would have an idea how to fix it ?

Thanks ! 😉




  • Hey Erik!

    Looks like you're in touch with Support, and that this may be a bug! I'll keep my eyes on your Support ticket and follow up here when I hear more, in case other Community members are experiencing this issue. Thanks for bearing with us while we get to the bottom of this. 🔍


  • Hey Beth,

    Indeed meanwhile I got in touch with Support and they are investigating the issue 😊 I'll update this post when we found out what the issue was, if it can help others afterwards 😉

    Thanks a lot !