Duplicate a locked Area/Object

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Would really be awesome to be able to duplicate a locked area/object.

At the moment, I need to unlock --> duplicate --> re-lock.

It's kinda slow...

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  • If you hold shift + cmd and highlight the locked area you want to copy, you can then copy paste or hold down the options key and click and drag

  • @morganbecker - had to do some playing around, but got it working, thanks so much!

    I'm on Windows, so had to do some translating ;)

    shift+ctrl --> click object --> ctrl + d or copy/paste or alt+drag

    I knew shift+ctrl was was working when the cursor turned black

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    Thanks for catching this, @morganbecker! @schnitz, if okay with you, I'll be moving this one out of Feature Ideas to our Q + A category since this one was a troubleshooting win and to keep the Feature Ideas category strickly about things to consider for our product roadmap. Know at any time, if you'd like to revert it to the Feature Ideas category, I'll happily move it back. 😉