Mind Mapping! It's the best way I can organize my thoughts!

Summer is my favorite time to start rapidly collecting all my ideas into one place -- my ideas around how to execute programs, build curriculum, assessments and student resources.

Specifically, I am obsessed with the mind mapping template. LOVE the infinite canvas that provides mega space to never stop ideating! Woot! Added bonus points to the tags feature on the sticky notes that allows me to organize topics and creates ease when I share out with my team.

How do you use your mind map? Do you have any tips for me to help organize my thoughts?

Want to see it in action? Check out of our former Student Ambassador as she showcase this mind mapping template.


  • I love that @mmandula uses a mind map to take notes in a lecture - I think that is a super interesting way to use a mind map! I recently used a mind map for trip planning to quickly ideate the main things I wanted to do in each place I visited.