Is there any easy way to "convert" a MS WhiteBoard into a Mural

Hello there !

Our company used to work with MS WhiteBoard for collaboration and we are now switching to Mural. Now we would like to move some of the boards from WhiteBoard to Mural and are a bit complex to do manually.

I tried basic copy-pastes and it works perfectly fine for stickies. But Mural pastes everything as stickies, even images (it creates a sticky that simply says "image") and same for handwriting for example.

Is there a way to paste content another way, or any other way that could help me transferring designs and content from Whiteboard to Mural ?

Thanks a million :)


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  • parkerlevy
    parkerlevy Mural Alum mod

    Hey @ErikCollard - want to make sure we're not leaving you hanging here. I've brought this question to our canvas team internally and will hopefully have an answer for you soon.