What happens when my free trial ends?

PedroD Mural Team mod

So it's been almost 30 days since you created your MURAL account and you've used the platform a LOT. You've had sessions with your colleagues, you created many murals, you've watched a ton of video tutorials and feel like you know what's up.

But then you suddenly come to realize that the trial is almost over. You think to yourself "Wait, what about all of my work? Will it be deleted? Will it vanish? What are my options?"

Fear not, MURAL does not delete any of your content unless you request it.

But even so, you want to keep this content, right? There are many options for this:

  • You can export your files as PDF or PNG and have them in your computer.
  • You can transfer the content into another workspace; maybe your company or a colleague of yours has a paid workspace and they are allowing you to store the content there! To do so, follow the steps below:
  • You can upgrade your account into a paid plan:

  1. Click on your workspace name in the upper left
  2. Go to the workspace you want to upgrade
  3. Click 'Manage [WORKSPACE NAME]'
  4. Click 'Billing' on the left
  5. Select the number of memberships and choose your plan (if you choose 10 or more, you can choose the PLUS plan)
  6. Enter payment information and upgrade

Also, if you simply need a few more days to test out MURAL you can reach out to [email protected] and explain your situation 🙂