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Hey Guys,

I was a Mindjet Mindmanager Poweruser and switch more and more to Mural now. What I completely miss is a simple foldable tree function. I want to fold in and fold out connected items.

Not only for mindmaps but to start simple and not confuse others right away. While beeing in an area of the board open and close conectione quit and easy. Alejandro from the MURAL Team kindly showed me the workaround with hiding content. Yes helps but not quite what would make MURAL more awesome for me.

"+" Fold out or "-" Fold in

Would be awesome for Flowchart and User Journeys or any Mind Maps

Best, Jan

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  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi Jan, this is super cool! We see you- keep sharing this one with others around the community, and let us know if you find one that is similar to yours; happy to combine the posts or connect you to others who may be interested. 😉