Do you have dropping offline issues while duplicating multiple items?

Hi there,

I'm experiencing a weird problem; when I'm selecting multiple items and just after duplicating them, I got a message "You're offline, please refresh to reconnect", and when I reconnect, the duplication is gone :)

I think I need to select items one by one and duplicate them, which would take forever..

Do you experience similar issue, or do you know how to overcome this? Thanks a lot!



  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    @mobility- I'll pass this note to our team- thanks for flagging it!

  • kbadri371
    edited October 12

    I am facing a similar issue when trying to recover items deleted by another user of a mural I created.

    To elaborate …. 135 items were deleted. When I recover them in the Activity Log, they appear briefly and then I get the "You're offline, please refresh to reconnect" message. On refreshing, the reappeared items disappear.