Any content folks here? Hey, I'm Jonelle!

Jonelle ✭✭
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Hello! I'm a content designer/content strategist/sometimes UI writer. My crossfunctional design team uses Mural a lot, and it has been on my list to start building a bank of go-to templates and increase my facilitation skills. Looking forward to connecting and learning!


  • Linds
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    Welcome @Jonelle ! I love your intro - and I hope you truly do love arugula because I LOVE arugula! 😆 🌱

    If you need go-to template recommendations, allow me to introduce @hailey ! She is a Template KWEEN™ around here and I'm sure she would love to connect!

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    Hi there @Jonelle welcome to MURAL! Yes, I am totally your woman for templates and learning content here at MURAL. Also, I feel like you're more of an emdash person rather than semicolons 😉

  • Yep, I'll eat arugula straight out of anyone's garden, @Linds. 😂

    Haha @hailey, how did you guess? Awesome! Thanks for reaching out! Is there a way I can follow your posts? 🤩

  • Hello @Jonelle and all other content creators! I specialise in video/marketing content and brand up/produce and create our templates at TribeCX.

    Hope you are all well - I'd be interested to see about the go-to templates @hailey !

  • Hey @lorna182 well, I am curious to know, what do you WISH we had in our library for content creators?

  • Hey @Jonelle, Following another member to get notified about their posts is not a feature on this Community platform at this time, but I did go ahead and submit a feature request for it! At the moment it is only possible to follow categories.


  • searching templates by creator would also be helpful.

  • @robertnischwitz,@kurt_kunert1 Thanks for these ideas!

    @robertnischwitz, there is an open idea in our feature ideas section for searching templates by user. If you have a moment, please do go vote and add a little bit about why you want this as a comment!

    @kurt_kunert1 @kurt_kunert1, I thought I had seen a content versioning idea, but I had not. If you'd like to add it to the Feature Ideas area, other members can vote on it, and we can get it into the ideation process here at MURAL.