Enhancements to the MURAL API: Streamlined app creation and sharing, and more!

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edited October 2022 in Mural API

We’ve made enhancements to the MURAL API (currently in public beta) that I’m excited to share with you. 

  • Streamlined app creation. Previously, you needed a MURAL employee to enable app creation for you. Now, you can get started from the My Apps section of your MURAL profile page. Simply click on the New App button and complete the necessary information to get your client ID and secret. 
  • Unlisted app sharing. Once you create your app, you will get a Share Detail Page URL that you can send to whomever you’d like to install your app. That user will be prompted to enable the application so that users in their workspace can install and use the integration or app. The user who enables the integration must have the appropriate workspace or company level admin credentials. 
  • Improved developer portal. We’ve improved the experience in our developer portal from the landing page to every piece of documentation. Check it out.  
  • 15 new endpoints in preview. New endpoints include the ability to upload images and files to mural, add and update arrows, comments, files, and more. See all of the new endpoints in preview.
  • Canvas Embed SDK is open for beta testing. With the Canvas Embed SDK, you can embed a mural into other platforms so that you can collaborate in real-time from there. Learn more and join the beta. Simply fill out the form and we’ll add you. 

What do you think? Share your thoughts, feedback, and questions!