Revert to <timestamp> as an extension of the activity feature

Hello Mural Team,

Not sure if this idea is already out there but I'm putting this request in urgently, as part of recovering from a major blooper today - of accidentally blowing up more than 200 sticky note elements on my board that's currently used by 13 other team leads in our whole department <facepalm>. Thanks to Andrew from Customer Support who's currently helping me out; and who suggested that I mention this feature idea here:

It would be REALLY great if, along with the activity timestamp that you show up, you could just click on a timestamp to revert back to that particular version in time; so that you don't face this situation again (especially when you discover that there's also no duplicated back up of the board). This could also show up in the activity history so that everyone can see why it was reverted back; along with the accidental/mistake edits.

Thanks a ton!

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