Printing off a Mural that is so big and full of data it requires multiple sheets of paper.

Several years ago I read about a "machine" with the capability of blowing a normal-size photograph up to billboard size. You just feed in the photo (let's say 5" * 7") and specify how big you want the enlargement to be (let's say 5' * 7'). The "machine" then generates the enlargement on as many 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheets of paper as are needed to cover the 5' * 7' areas. The sheets come out in order, making it easy to paste them onto the wall -- or onto a 5' * 7' sheet of cardboard, for example. It would be nice if Mural provided a similar capability. I've discovered that I can download my Murals into PDF files, which I can then print. This works OK for a sparsely-populated Mural. But if it's one of my Murals that is completely filled with diagrams, I need a 6X magnifying glass if I want to read it. I brought this to the attention of the Mural Help Desk. I was told that Mural offers no such "enlarging" capability. My attempts to divide a full Mural into several segments so that I could print the segments individually was a total failure.