⚡⚡ 2 templates to reflect and share your insights mid year

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As we're reaching the middle of 2022 (!!!) you and your team deserve to take a break and look back at what you've accomplished so far. What a better way to do this than with our immersive sales presentation template!

Bonus tip! Make the most of your meetings and time together by recording a video of you presentation to share ahead of your session together with a link to the mural. This way you can invite everyone into the conversation when you meet!

Immersive sales presentation

Co-create with your team, or work solo to build slides. Share key takeaways, numbers and customer stories. Deliver as an immersive presentation by inviting your audience into the canvas, while capturing audience comments and questions in real time. Use key MURAL features like Outline, Presentation Mode, and Reactions to make your audience feel heard and engaged.

Craft a powerful presentation

Not sure sure where to start? Get help from the storytelling pro's at IDEO to craft your message.

What highlights are you looking forward to share mid year? Tell us in the comments!