MURAL in the classroom🍎 📚

Sasha Mural Team mod
edited April 2021 in Mural University

One of the best parts of being a transformation manager for education at MURAL is getting the opportunity to collaborate directly with educators teaching a diverse set of subjects across many different colleges and universities. 

I know that in order to provide effective solutions, it is critical to listen and understand the needs and current challenges of both educators and students, many of whom are new to the world of remote and hybrid learning.

I wrote about my experience and what I have learned from the many teachers and university learning technologists I have spoken with and I am excited to share my insights on how leveraging visual collaboration can lead to more engagement and deeper learning in the classroom. Check it out below!



  • Hi. I would like to add that I am a high school teacher and Head of Educational Research at a school in Istanbul, Turkey. I was introduced to Mural last summer at a presentation by Ariel from the dSchool, and I have been hooked ever since. I have a small group of teachers here also using Mural and we would be happy to share our experiences from the high school level.

    Mural was very exciting as we moved into distance education, since we were able to replicate the boardwork and group thinking activities right here in the space. A well designed lesson on Mural can force students into deeper thinking than they have done before in other spaces, and I will continue to use the platform even after we return to face to face learning.

    Thank you, and I am very happy to share how we have been using Mural to design lessons, to innovate outside the classroom, and to facilitate planning of curriculum and research.