Prevent locked areas from being covered.

I have created an orientation-mural for my participants new to mural. It contains areas, which I locked. Yet it is possible to post a sticky note in that area (and so overwrite or cover existing text or notes). In the explanation for locking it says 'Prevent objects from being accidentally moved, edited, or deleted by non-facilitators in your murals. ' For me covering locked objects with other stuff is editing.

I would like a feature that prevents locked areas from being covered with sticky notes so that they are always fully visible (if not hidden in the outline). Thank you.

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  • Just noting that I often cover locked areas because I don't want them to be revealed until later in the workshop. Adding this nuance could be confusing to new users. I struggled to understand how to use the locking functionality when I was first exposed to Mural and this could make it more challenging to acclimate.

  • I do not find it helpful if users - experienced or not - are able to put sticky notes into a locked area. For me the purpose of locking is lost, if that is possible. There could be a message: this is a locked area, you cannot post here or something like that.

    If I have a workshop I also hide areas that i do not want to be seen - if I uncover them and want users to write there, I do not lock it.

    If this is something explanatory or - as in my case - new users should practice, I do not want them to cover the explanation I provided.

    For me it is actually a design mistake if locked areas can be covered by someone else.