💡Feature Idea: Tags should transfer with stickies/objects across Murals/boards.

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When copying sticky notes (or other whiteboard objects) with tags from one board and pasting them to another board, I have to recreate the tags in the new board. It would be awesome if the stickies would carry over / recreate themselves so I didn't have to. This is an extremely common use case for us as we use one board for team planning, then carry the plans to our program board.

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  • drewan
    drewan Mural Team mod

    @ScottWatts this is something we hope to bring to tags in the near future!

  • Agree! Just had this issue and actually expected that this would work. It is a lot of repetitive work (in new boards) if tags cannot be copied. And it actually reduces the value of the very helpful tagging-feature.

  • Agree! We also use an mural (roadmap) board for editors and a read only copy (= separat mural board) for all other users. I don't understand why the first tags could be copied, but new ones apparently can't be copied now. I don't understand the use case why tags should not be copied.

  • drewan
    drewan Mural Team mod

    @ScottWatts @wolframnagel @StefanP great news, we've recently enabled this for all members!

  • @drewan Thanks a lot. That's great news! 🤩👏