Use MURAL in class! 📚

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Kudos to you for jumping into MURAL and embracing visual classroom collaboration!

We here at MURAL have created some resources specifically to support you in getting started:

🎓 Using MURAL in class: Breakout Rooms

  • Depending on how much work your students will be doing we suggest either creating spaces for breakout rooms in your mural or linking to individual murals for each breakout room.
  • More info here!

🐛 Grading in MURAL

  • You can integrate MURAL with your learning management system by either providing visitor links to the murals or exporting the mural as a pdf or png and uploading it to your school’s learning management platform.
  • More info here!

🦋 Inviting Guests to your EDU workspace

  • By default, educational accounts are built for 10 permanent memberships (which can be invited in at the workspace level, room level, or at an individual mural canvas level) and 25 guest accounts.
  • Click here to learn how you can invite your guest collaborators into your EDU workspace

Comment below on which Education specific article you read today: 🎓 🐛 🦋

We also have Education experts in this community waiting to answer your questions and hear about your experiences! (like @EmmaS and @AmyS !) Also, if you have content you want to see from our team moving forward, let us know below!


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