Help us Plan!

Hello, I’m your fellow Education Muralista, Amy Stefanski! 

School’s out for the summer, but year round, we’re planning ways to help you learn best practices in [MURAL making] for your classroom as an educator and school year as a student. 

We’re gonna be making a few changes to the Community to best support your needs- below are a few we’ve already started! 

  • Teachers’ Lounge has changed to MURAL University!

The old name of the education category, Teacher’s Lounge, lacked the fuller representation of our true audience. The MURAL Community is for students, too, and students aren’t often allowed in the Teacher’s Lounge, anyway! We changed the name for a more inclusive conversation within the higher education community. It takes a lot of talent to make colleges and universities successful. 

Did you know that we have resources built just for college students? Students can grab their FREE EDU Plan, too! We want them to enjoy the full experience just like other educators. Check out the new student webpage for more information, suggested templates, and testimonials from peers! 

Our EDU videos have found a new home for best practice material via the MURAL Community YouTube channel. Subscribe or check out the newest playlist, specifically curated for you. 

What are some improvements you’d like to see soon? How can we help? Let me know in the Comments.