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MURAL is a great collaboration tool, during meetings but also for collaborating ideas outside of meetings. People can browse, add new ideas anytime.

The Voting session is designed (very well!) for "at the moment" voting, but its not always the case that everyone involved can be present at the meeting.

The current Voting Session can be left running for people to cast a vote anytime. But, for Visitors, once they leave Mural, 1) you cannot see what you voted on, 2) it prompts you to the voting session, and you can vote again

Solution idea:

  • Within the Voting Session, create an option for "Overnight Voting" (name is just temp)
  • use the same voting system, but add "Voter List" where the facilitator can create a list of people in the session to vote. a CSV import would be useful
  • When a Visitor joins the Overnight Voting session, a check list appears with the participants names. The Visitor can select their name, and vote! Their votes will be saved associated to that list.
  • The participant list will appear until the voting session is closed. So the Visitor can close Mural, come back, select their name again from the list to see their vote. You can also change that vote like the normal voting sessions.

It does mean that other people can pontentially see other people's vote. But this can give a collaboration choice even if everyone is not present.

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  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @Satoshi! This currently isn't supported, but we see you and hope you'll continue to receive/garner votes to push this to product!