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Russkin MCN
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WHAT: We would like the option for a user to choose (or for us to choose for them) a very simplified user interface for using a Mural board.

For example, if they enable this option, it might strip out the left-side tool panel (or replace it with a very simplified one), remove most of the options along the top, replace the bottom-right navigation area with a larger simplified pan and zoom tool, and basically make adding and moving stickies the focus of attention.

THE PROBLEM: The groups we work with include people with a wide range of abilities with virtual tools, different languages (or primarily languages), and different Internet bandwidth capacities. The main reason we opt for other solutions instead of Mural is that the Mural adoption curve is too steep for people. We use Mural whenever the front-end investment is worth it over the long term but if we turn off or alienate some participants early in a process, that's obviously not helpful to our work or to the groups we work with.

WHY THIS IS GOOD FOR MANY: Many people who participate in virtual collaborations have never used a virtual whiteboard (which, I assume, represents the vast majority of Americans, not to mention people on this planet). While the current interface supports a lot of cool features, it's confusing to new users and it biases toward a relatively small group of tech-savvy, often younger, users. If Mural is going to continue to grow over time, it may to need to ease the adoption curve for the less "virtual savvy" population of users. Offering a simplified started interface would help a lot with this.

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