💡Feature Idea: Separate tags into separate columns on the CSV export

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What I want to be able to do: I want to analyse my object tag data more easily from a CSV export

Problem I am trying to solve: Currently, all tags appear in the same column and it's difficult to separate them out (this may well be down to my Excel inexperience)

Why this helps everyone (or many people): People who are analysing data through Excel are helped by being able to filter objects by tag more easily.

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  • drewan
    drewan Mural Team mod

    Hi @MJP,

    Maybe this could help?

    Firstly, sometimes tags don't appear because they are hidden in Excel when you open the CSV. You can enable autofit row height like this:

    (You shouldn't need the above step completed to proceed, but it might make viewing the CSV in Excel a little bit easier...)

    Next, you can use the Filter in Excel to locate the items with the applied tag(s):

  • My suggestion is if a semicolon or a comma is added after each tag, then we can use text to column to separate the tags into different cells instead of one.