July 11 Release: Microsoft Partner of the Year awards, new MURAL app for Android, and more!

Microsoft Partner of the Year awards, new MURAL app for Android, visitor link expiration dates, accessibility enhancements, and more!

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New features and enhancements

🎉 MURAL Recognized as a 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year!

We’re thrilled to be recognized as the winner of the Partner of the Year Award for Apps and Solutions for Microsoft Teams! MURAL has also been selected as the winner of the 2022 Microsoft US (MSUS) for Startups Award. Thanks to all of our members for being a part of our journey to create a single, connected collaboration experience with MURAL and Microsoft.

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📱Meet the new MURAL app for Android

Now, you can collaborate with your team from anywhere on your favorite Android device. Start capturing ideas in sticky notes, drawing concepts, sharing photos on the go, commenting feedback, and much more! The refreshed user interface and significantly improved performance help you deliver business-driving outcomes from wherever you best work. 

💫 Download or update the mobile app today — and if you enjoy the new experience, feel free to leave us your best review!

🔗 Have tighter control over your shared content with visitors 

Mural owners can now set custom expiration dates or durations on visitor links from the share modal to ensure visitor access to shared content is only granted for the time permitted. 

Company admins on Enterprise plans can take visitor link security one step further by optionally enforcing a max expiration date or duration on visitor links in their workspace through a new setting on the Company Dashboard.

😎 Resizable canvas now has dot grids, snap to grid, and more for better alignment and navigation of content

With the new infinite canvas option for new murals, we introduced a variety of features to make navigating the canvas and organizing content even easier. Today, we bring those same enhancements to our resizable canvas, including: 

  • Toggle on/off a dot grid background that helps with scale and alignment. Simply right click on the canvas to access it. 
  • Turn on snap to grid to “snap” content into place for quick and easy alignment. Access it by right clicking on the canvas. 
  • You can now zoom all the way in to 400% (previously was 200%)
  • Smoother, slower more controlled zoom speed
  • Zoom to fit button appears when some of your content is out of frame and quickly brings all mural content back into view

📍Learn more about the enhancements and how they work.  

Small but mighty enhancements: 

  • As part of our ongoing accessibility enhancements, keyboard and screen reader users can now navigate avatars in a mural’s collaboration toolbar to hear who else is present and how many collaborators there are. Keyboard and screen reader users can also navigate the reactions menu by hearing and selecting different reactions to show while collaborating in a mural. Learn more.
  • Easily export all the sticky notes in your mural, or a custom selection of them, as a CSV file directly from your browser window. Get started by clicking export in the top bar within a mural. Learn more.
  • Enjoy a smoother experience while dragging and resizing hundreds of objects in a mural with the latest performance enhancement.
  • The MURAL app for iOS now has a significantly improved experience — including better overall performance, faster loading time of murals, smoother navigation, and a refreshed interface to empower collaboration on the go. Download or upgrade the app today!

New features and enhancements, now in beta testing*

If you’re interested in gaining access to any of these beta programs, please let me know. 

🎟 Join the beta program* for canvas embed SDK

With the MURAL SDK, developers can now easily embed or integrate MURAL into other services, facilitating seamless collaboration within a mural directly from another platform. Learn more in our developers hub, where you can access the form required to join the beta program. 

*Currently in public beta. Subject to testing and defects. Provided warranty free, "as is" and "as available" basis. MURAL not liable for any losses that may result from private beta.