What's your favorite way to use MURAL not for work?

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We have a 160 year old house, so I've started a board to brainstorm the updates we want to do. I'm adding pictures I find, and have invited my husband and some trusted friends to look at it.


  • I love it! It can be really useful to organize anything, from a party to a business project; I've been using it lately to make notes and copy links from a digital economy course that I've been taking and it's way better than to keep notes on a forgotten doc/google docs document.

    Also it's so intuitive and user friendly that most people that I've interacted using mural get the hold of it really fast. 😁

  • @Ricardo Notetaking is such a brilliant way to use it. @Beth and I went to a session on community and data (🤓💗 data), and after she had this gorgeous canvas that we could comment on and extend our learning.

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    I've had the chance to experience MURAL for team building exercises and the ilk. While it's work related, it never felt that way.

    Something as simple as a Round-Robin sessions where users are encouraged to sketch and use images to express and idea and then take turns building on their counterparts can be a lot of fun and help foster camaraderie.

    I have also considered making a totem-like MURAL as a tribute to my Dog Toast, but he's spoiled enough.

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    @Beth : What a great redecorating idea and board! Mural is my go-to for brainstorming about the Galluran Garden of Eden we are planning for Villa Leoni, our holiday home in northern Sardinia. Here's the current green moodboard as I research native plants with medicinal properties, nice aromas and usefulness in the kitchen: https://app.mural.co/t/universityofeurope4294/m/universityofeurope4294/1618655891427/39f85f8eb1a6d3000e7d4a4c02295df047f72745.

  • @Christina I just audibly gasped at how beautiful Villa Leoni is!! 🤩🤩🤩 Stunning!

    That mural for your plant moodboard is perfect.

  • Seriously, so beautiful. Now, I'm thinking about the FARM lol.

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    Thank you so much, @Beth and @Amanda! Villa Leoni is a work in progress, and since we live in Germany and it is in Gallura, the northernmost region of Sardinia, Mural has actually been super helpful as we use it to explore with contractors over there what should go where. We use the website to identify a specific area and go from there despite the miles between us. The rosemary and mirto are now in place; more to come...

    Now I am preparing a second one just with botanical prints of autocthonous-found-nowhere-in-the-world-but-Gallura plants that I want to get on the walls there at some point.

    If you are into that sort of thing, there is an amazing collection on Flickr from the Biodiversity Heritage Library: https://www.flickr.com/photos/biodivlibrary/ . It is one of the sources for free, public domain images that I recommend to my students to liven up their murals with color and art.

    A fuller, wonderful list for Mural art+whatever combiners is here: https://www.moma.co.uk/public-domain-images/. The ability to merge art with business topics is creating some amazing results for my students, and has ramped up their creativity, productivity and engagedness about 100% since my pre-Mural days in the online Stone Ages of teaching way back in 2020!

  • @Beth - I absolutely love your board for the house improvements! WOW

    I'm also intrigued about how you use mural for group birthday cards??

    I love everyone's creative ideas of using it for mood boards - I've always just used Pinterest but this is great!! I think i'm definitely going to do the same for personal use

    I've only used Mural for things like brainstorming sessions so far

  • @lorna182 I dont have a bday card I can share but it's such a great place to post pictures, write messages, share gifs, etc, etc when you can't get together in person for someone's birthday. Such a FUN birthday card to open.

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    OK, I have now gone completely hogwild on the Mural-for-fun concept this thread introduced, having been focused on work applications until now. I just figured out how to use the Embed function, and am henceforth introducing every visitor to our Sardinian vacation home website to this Mural: https://app.mural.co/t/universityofeurope4294/m/universityofeurope4294/1620479074620/876705edb861633041b39f66b42c87dc1a393b63?sender=u2c88bef0badf9627d4357761. I have been thinking about other possible uses for Mural's three-column Silent Circuit template for a while because, frankly, it is just so aesthetically pleasing. Here, images of my little obsession, local botanicals, are featured in the first two, and the third column is set up for user's own sketches or other creative work. I hope we get some nature lovers with artistic talent to do something cool with it. Even if I never see the results, it was such a calming activity to design. I am sure my blood pressure just dropped! Perhaps this is something art & design profs could use the template for with their own model material in class as well.

  • @Christina, ok, totally doing this for our property. I love how thoughtful and inviting it is. What a way to explore the islands plants! Gorgeous :)

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    Thank you, @Amanda! Part of what I think Corona has been great for is sharpening our perception of things we tended to be oblivious to before; little details we sped by on our way to other thoughts. Now that we have time for quiet, and just looking, really looking, at what is right outside our windows, we are discovering the marvelous theater of life that was going on all along right under our noses. This is a great template for many purposes, but especially I think for these times, to highlight the humble local heros that are around us all. Maybe a good class project too, to fill with something around each person's own home, and so train people's appreciation for what is right there, but perhaps unseen. 🕵️‍♀️


  • @lorna182 - I stumbled upon a VERY fun birthday card in MURAL. Check it out!

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    @Christina What a beautiful Mural you created! I'm so intrigued also, by how calming it was for you to do this activity. I think I will try designing a Mural around a topic I love and be mindful and thoughtful while I do it and see how I am actually feeling while creating it. So many times I just whip up a Mural out of necessity! I also think that visiting your oasis will be placed on my post-covid travel goals 🍃

    thank you for sharing!


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    I use it to take notes and organize my thoughts when learning about something new. This has proven super useful, as I have gone back and harvested sets of ideas later!

  • This is fab! Wondering if I can put together a similar something for Fathers Day!

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    I use MURAL for so many tasks not related to work!! I use it for bullet journaling, stream of consciousness journaling, planning my morning routine and a place to record my favorite affirmations as a few examples. I'm going to be sharing some of these ideas with the community soon!! 😃

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    @Lucy_from_MURAL You remind me of my daughter - she is using it to write short stories based on the characters free to edit and download here: https://blush.design/collections/fuzzy-friends-illustrations and loves how she can design it, 2 pages to a Mural, to really turn them into adorable works of art as well as lovely little vignettes.

    By adding a free background from one of the gazillions of awesome options at rawpixel.com, like this one: https://www.rawpixel.com/image/3101797/free-photo-image-page-aerial-view-blank-space it is also possible to make it feel like a book.

    Now that I have discovered how to do the background images with the "Send to back" function, this is definitely one of my favorite Mural superpowers, as it really allows you to let your imagination to be the only limit of what you create.

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    That's so cool @Christina! What a great idea your daughter had! I bet she has a lot of fun in MURAL.

    The possibilities are definitely endless - I also use my iPad and Apple Pencil to do a lot of drawing in MURAL which is also a lot of fun!!

    Here's an example of some notes I took for a book I read recently -

    ❤️ Lucy

  • I am training as a Girl Guide (Girl Scout) leader and have started setting up some boards in case we suddenly need to switch back to "Zoom Guides". I also set up a board last year to help my son with his planning for final year of school. At work, I have used to facilitate more fun events like end of year drinks, drawing competitions etc etc. A colleague and I also hosted a lunch and learn for staff and their children when a large number of our staff were trying to juggle work and homeschooling. Was lots of fun.

  • @cathseal I love the zoom guides and the lunch and learn for staff and children. I have so many questions about the lunch and learn!! What is one thing you really loved about the lunch and learn? Any lessons you took away? Are you going to do it again?

  • Hi Amanda. One takeaway was that kids picked up the idea of an online collaboration tool faster than a lot of adults. Also liked having a "gallery" of work/resources at the end. Would definitely run session again.

  • Other use case I remembered was doing a kind of pechakucha at the start of a session using photos posted on the mural and the outline function to navigate between them.