Many features i would like to find in Mural

·      Off line availabilty of our Murals with sync at reconnection

·      Preparation of a voting session before a presentation (much easier if you are alone to do the presentation)

·      Cloud of words such as Klaxoon to see what comes to the attendees mind

·      Capacity to create a quiz and a survey

·      Sharing of personalized color palette (ex : corporate colors)

·      Data exploitation (ex : data gathered from a voting session, a quiz or a survey)… for example export to Excel

·      Accurate object positionning on a X/Y grid

·      More mobile app features beacause it’s read only features

·      Recovery feature for deleted (not archived) Mural during 7 to 30 days (such as Miro)

·      And of course any link composable and not only web ones

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Dimitri. Thank you for sharing - there are some interesting ideas on your list. I think it would help a lot to create separate forum posts for each one of those so that you could explain more what's the idea and goal behind them (and the pain that you're going to solve) and it would allow us others to add ideas and opinions to them in a very structured way. And some of those ideas might already exist here open for discussions, e.g. the one about company colors:

    Feel free to join us over there for that topic.