Make dot voting in a selection easier to use. 1-click and in advance

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When I set up a dot voting session in a selection, it is rather tedious to define the selection by adjusting the selection. It is wasting precious collaborative time, and it is stressful for the facilitator.

Since it is so uneasy to use, when I'm short on time, I prefer asking participants to put a round post-it on the things they want to vote for, instead of using dot voting :-( And we lose the anonymitiy benefit :-(

Idea #1: having an option in which you can define the selection by simply clicking on a shape or an area.

Idea#2: being able to prepare a voting session in advance and launch it when the time is gone. Idea #1 will help to do that

This would make voting sessions much more fluid!

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  • Allowing a facilitator to set up a voting session in advance would be an important improvement. This will allow the facilitator to prepare the voting area and set the parameters without needing to expose all the steps in front of the audience during the meeting. At the current state of Mural, if the facilitator does not want the audience to see the steps of setting up the voting session, the facilitator will need to stop sharing, set up the voting session, and then reshare their screen, which is a hassle. In general, anything Mural can do to give facilitators more power/control and more options is highly desirable.

  • I completely agree. This would save the facilitator and participants so much time! PLEASE!