🆘 Request for help - Brand and Marketing Murals

Angela ✭✭
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Hi to all my fellow Mural Mavericks!!

Has anyone created a Mural for the purpose of designing a brand strategy or marketing strategy? Or alternatively to diagnose the current strategies to understand improvement areas?

Keen to learn from others.





  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] ✭✭✭

    Hi, @Angela, this is a good question. To get us started, we do have two templates in our template library. @AshleyB helped me find them. Thanks, Ashley!

    • Brand Personality Room - "The Brand Personality Room is an exercise imagined by CBA that encompasses two phases structured to help you better define your brand identity. It can be used on new or existing brands and will act as a useful guide for any creative partner when you decide to redesign the visual identity of your brand."
    • Brand Design Brainstorm - "A brand design brainstorm helps kick-start the inception of a brand. The creative process of building a brand is conceptualized from a set of divergent ideas that are then sorted and refined by individuals or groups. Key structural elements are then captured from an open exchange of suggestions and collaboration. This process assists creators to develop brands in a structured and fluid approach."

    Can't wait to see what other people are using 💖