How can I stop my mural from lagging?

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Hey there! I keep having issues with my canvas lagging? Any body have any tips for this?

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    Then we have some tips for you!

    There are a lot of other factors that play into a mural's performance. Here are a few of the most important ones:

    • Size of mural canvas. We recommend using the default canvas size or smaller, whenever possible.
    • Number of elements on the canvas. The more elements you have, the more lag you might experience. Files in particular are the heaviest element. We recommend keeping files under 2 MB in size
    • Your hardware. If you're running MURAL on an old computer, you may experience more lag than a user on a newer device
    • The number of tabs or other applications you have open. The fewer the better!
    • Whether you're using video or screen share on your videoconferencing device. Both of these will take up Internet bandwidth that, in turn, cannot be used for MURAL
    • The amount of content your users will be adding to the canvas. The less the better!
    • Whether the users have view only permissions or edit permissions. MURAL can support more users who are on view only.
    • Users should be aiming for at least 30Mbps DL and 10Mbps UL for a smoother experience.

    If you're having trouble navigating MURAL, that means you've likely hit some of the upper limits with performance. Try splitting up murals into multiple murals whenever possible