What is your favorite icebreaker or warmup to start off your class?

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It's Fun Friday! Let's chat about how we can start class off with some fun!

Here are a few of my favorite icebreaker templates:

  1. The Team Bookshelf template is the best! Not only do I have a love for all things books, but I also tend to love knowing what others are reading. But don't stop there! Suggest TV shows, podcasts, or music too!
  2. This Team Warmup and Energizer (aka World Map) template is a really great way to learn where my students are located, and/or where they want to visit.
  3. If I were an An Animal template is great! Every student picks an animal to represent who they are.

Check out these other Icebreakers for more fun!



  • Linds
    Linds Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    Perfect post for National Book Day @AmyS 📚 ! +1 for The Team Bookshelf template!

  • Yay!!! April is also National School Library month. So adults read so kids can read!!

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    First off: This site is delightful! Thank you and congratulations on the inviting design - so much to explore, learn and enjoy.

    I modified the Course Kickoff Template (https://www.mural.co/templates/course-kickoff) to say "Class Selfie" / How Do We Wish To Be Seen? And then these instructions: Add your name, a role, 2-4 images of yourself and/or interests, 2-3 links, 1 to a good song and 1 to a good website and/or book, and an icon, GIF and sticky with something you like. With "role" I reminded them that they are much more than just students, and encouraged them to write a role on the sticky that was important to them. Entries included Big Brother, Best Friend, Athlete...at times it was very touching.

    The results were amazing, aesthetically and content-wise. We truly have a "group photo" now that everyone is proud of, and they really enjoyed talking about their choices and then choosing the next person to do so by name. They learned about many Mural functions straight off the bat and realized what a bunch of neat people they were in a way that might not have ever been possible otherwise. It has led to a much stronger sense of camaraderie as well. They ALL spoke SO much, and laughed a lot - it was wonderful. Highly recommended!

  • Jeff_Eyet
    Jeff_Eyet Mural Team mod

    ❤️ the, "if I were an animal" template!