MURAL University Template Wednesday - Brainstorm

Sasha Mural Team mod
edited August 2022 in Mural University

Hello Educators! As mentioned last week, we are already more than halfway through summer and our minds are starting to turn towards the fall term. A great way to begin your planning process, both individually, and with your teaching team or department, is to start finding solutions to any challenges or changes you want to make this fall. We have a great solution for you to start brainstorming ideas for upcoming courses, department policies, new program ideas, and much, much more!

Collaborative brainstorming provides a free and open environment that encourages everyone to participate in the creative thinking process that leads to problem solving. Prioritizing volume over value, out-of-the-box ideas are welcome and built upon, and all participants are encouraged to collaborate, helping each other develop a rich amount of creative solutions.

MURAL’s Brainstorm & Idea Prioritization Template is the perfect place to get started!