How To Use Embed Code In Mural

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How do I used embed code to embed objects such as Trello boards into a Mural board?

This would be very helpful to allow live updating of boards during workshops or regular meeting structured around boards such as planning meetings and retrospectives. We have many tools that produce embed code for this purpose.

Thanks for any help.


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  • TheSleepingBarber
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    This question is mainly around trying to find features that I used in Miro (in a previous life).

    Here is a good explanation of the feature in Miro and this would satisfy the many requests that I see for spreadsheets, office 365 objects, google maps, etc.

    Embedding media to boards – Miro Support & Help Center

  • Does anyone know how to embed objects such as Salesforce vies and lists directly into our boards? For example, in Salesforce, we use the tasks feature with Kanban boards. We use Mural to do strategy workshops, and it would be so helpful to embed the Salesforce task view into our board so that we can add and update it during our planning sessions. Is this possible and if not is it on the roadmap?

  • Is anyone able to help with this one - do I need to make a feature request for example, or is it already on the roadmap?

  • Hi @TheSleepingBarber- following up- this isn't currently possible, nor on our roadmap unfortunately 😣 Swapping it over as a feature request for now.

  • jim_holland_ibm
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    Has there been any progress on this feature? This would be really nice to have for software development collaboration. Is it easy for you to add support for a monospaced font for text like Courier? That's better than nothing.