IOS | File Drag-and-Drop

Currently, to add a file to a Mural space on iPadOS you must select the 'image'-icon from the left toolbar, select 'import images' and continue to select the desired image, or file.

It would be great if I could drag and drop these images instead, as some other applications support.

For example, I also use the Concepts App. This application allows me to select a set of objects and by holding the tap the background fades out and I can drag the selection to an email, note, folder or different application. It works both ways and allows for easy drop of images into a Concepts-drawing.

Ideally, i would be able to select content in the Concepts-app, and instead of having to export/save the selection as an image to upload to Mural it would be awesome if I could immediately drag the content into Mural. This all of course because the drawing-functionality of MURAL is not as advanced as in some other drawing apps.

In this specific example, Concepts supports this functionality and Mural as an app seems unable to get images dropped into a workspace.

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