August 08 Release: Infinite and resizable canvas enhancements, mobile app enhancements, and more!

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited August 2022 in Product Releases

Select and switch between infinite and resizable canvas, navigate more smoothly on mobile devices, and more!

👉 Your monthly August updates are here! Explore all MURAL's recent enhancements here or continue reading below.

✅ Easily select infinite or resizable canvas options when creating a new mural 

When creating a new mural or template, the option to select an infinite or resizable canvas is more visible so it’s easier to choose which type of canvas you want to work in up front. Learn more.

😎Seamlessly switch between infinite and resizable canvas in existing murals

Choose which canvas type fits your needs at the time with ultimate flexibility to switch between infinite and resizable murals. To get started, navigate to Mural settings from the dropdown next to the mural name. Learn more.

✨Small but mighty updates:

  • Enjoy smoother navigation on your Android and iOS mobile apps with an improved panning and zooming experience, as well as the ability to easily toggle on move mode so content doesn’t accidentally get misplaced. 
  • Access a mural link as a visitor with the Android and iOS mobile apps if you haven’t been authenticated or if you don’t have an account. 
  • We’ve shipped a series of performance enhancements including improved load time for murals with a lot of objects and a smoother experience while selecting many objects with the marquee selection tool (hold SHIFT while dragging your mouse over a selection of objects).
  • You can now upload HEIC image files to a mural through the file upload function or by dragging and dropping.