💡Feature Idea: Indicate "Facilitator" functionality in grayed out menu tool tip

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I'm fairly new here, so pardon my ignorance as I get up to speed.

Recently, a board owner showed me how to select an item, right click and select Add to Outline in order to make my mural board easy to navigate. He did this while screen sharing.

A day later, I was attempting to do this and could not get Add to Outline to appear in my contextual menu. I tried the local client app and the browser to no avail. I also spent time looking in the FAQs and all I could see was that I needed to right click and select it. I still was not seeing it. I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the answer to my question before Chatting with Customer Support. That's when I learned Add to Outline was only available to Facilitators.

Here's my suggestion. Keep Add to Outline visible in the contextual menu but gray it out. Then when I mouseover it, either a secondary menu option or a tool tip could inform me that "This feature is only available to facilitators."

Granted, I will be reaching out to Customer Support more quickly in the future. However, had my New Idea above been in place, I would not even have had to reach out.

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